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Chiropractic Care

Woman getting neck adjustmentIf you’re new to chiropractic, it’s important to understand that the brain controls every function in the body, and it does that through your spinal nerves that exit between each pair of vertebrae. If you have a subluxation, that means a vertebra is rotated out of the position and becomes stuck, putting pressure on a spinal nerve. Doing stretches or yoga will not realign it; that’s where the chiropractic adjustment comes in.

What Does an Adjustment Do?

When you have a subluxation or when a particular nerve is compromised, the brain can’t get the information through that nerve out to the cells it gives information to. So those cells don’t function properly. Fortunately, chiropractic care corrects subluxations, removing the nervous system interference so the body can heal itself and perform at its peak.

Dr. Denny concentrates on your structure. She is very skilled in locating subluxations and relieving nerve impingement. She aligns the joint using techniques tailored for your unique body, taking the pressure off the nerve so that your brain can heal your body and your body can heal itself.

Creating a Healthy Body, vs. Masking Symptoms

Conventional medicine relies on drugs and surgery to address various health conditions. While those medical interventions can get rid of your symptoms, they’re not addressing the root cause. Dr. Denny educates her patients about creating a healthy body that functions as it should naturally.

We Can Help With A Variety Of Conditions

  • Pregnancy related issues
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Digestive problems

  • Headaches & migraines
  • Scoliosis
  • Auto Injuries/Whiplash

  • Sciatica
  • Arm and Leg pain

Your Body’s Innate Intelligence

Your body has an innate intelligence, it knows what to do without direction from you. If you cut your finger, your body kicks into gear and repairs that tissue without you having to think about it! When you’re having a baby, your body knows how to form this complete perfect human inside your body, without any direction from you.

Your body knows how to function, and your brain needs to have 100% ability to tell it how to do so. When your body is free from nervous interference you have 100% potential for a healthy, vibrant and pain-free life!

Your heart is a muscle, the lining of the uterus is also a muscle. When you have subluxations, in other words, nerve impingement, your brain cannot deliver the message the message your brain is sending to those cells so they cannot work at their full potential. Every function in your body is controlled by your nervous system, when you have nerve impingement you don’t have 100% potential for health.

As an example, women who have chiropractic care report an average of a 4 hour labor, which is much less than the average labor without chiropractic care. Their brain is able to tell the uterus how to effectively contract and relax which allows the body to work as it should.

Activator Methods®

This method is ideal for infants or those with severe osteoarthritis, or for those who just don’t like to hear the cracking and popping sound. It’s a higher velocity, low force type of adjustment, it can achieve the same results as a hands-on method, it feels gentler.

This is a hands-on technique at the specific area of nerve impingement to remove nervous impingement.
Sacro Occipital Technique

Also called SOT, this very low force technique uses blocking wedges under the pelvis and low force adjusting. SOT is a little gentler and there’s less tissue breakdown or damage.
Thompson (also called Drop Table)

This method entails a low force, high velocity adjustment to adjust the pelvis and the lumbar spine, which causes very minimal tissue breakdown and a high response rate of quick correction.

Dr. Denny may use a variety of techniques personalized for your body to help you reach your optimum wellness.

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