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About Community Chiropractic Center

Outdoor family dinnerDr. Susan Denny is passionate about educating patients on how their body functions, and that health is having a body free of nervous interference, so that your brain can tell your body how to function properly. “When you have that, everything falls in line, providing you have a proper diet, positive mental attitude, and everything else that makes up that wellness pie.”

From Teacher to Chiropractor

Dr. Denny got her Elementary Education degree at Umass/Amherst. While in college her father was seeing a chiropractor and encouraged Susan to see one as well. Out of curiosity she did. She was educated on how the body has the ability to heal itself and how every single cell in her body was innervated by a spinal nerve, and that any impingement could alter the function of that cell and cause dis-ease.

Having no issues of pain or discomfort at the time, she noticed her immune system became stronger, she had more energy and generally felt more alive. Her experience prompted her to change career paths and she enrolled in chiropractic college. She attended Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) and graduated in 1991. Dr. Denny loves being a chiropractor and providing natural health care to those in Northampton and Greenfield.

A Patient Success Story

Every day, we’re fortunate to witness patients get excellent results with our natural chiropractic care. Here’s one of the more memorable cases:

A 70 year old woman was referred to Dr. Denny by a current patient. She was nervous about seeing a chiropractor and had suffered from daily migraines for 32 years. Her medical doctors told her there was nothing else they could do for her. As a last ditch effort she went to see Dr. Denny. Within three adjustments, the woman’s headaches were reduced to once a week, and within two weeks they were completely gone. The patient had no idea that chiropractic care could get those kinds of results.

Dr. Denny sees miracles happen all the time. “Our body is an amazing healing machine” Dr. Dennys’ patients have reported that they have gone off blood pressure medications, asthma medications and daily pain medications. “I don’t treat those conditions, but if the body functions properly, your body was designed to and can heal itself,” she added.

Take That First Step

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