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About Community Chiropractic Center in Northampton & Franklin Chiropractic Center in Greenfield

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Northampton and Greenfield area since 1991.

The Greenfield office was opened in 1991 and the Northampton location in 1992. My family has lived in Deerfield, MA for four generations, as I am originally from this area. My husband, Dr. Jeff is from upstate NY, but as soon as we came to this area of MA, he felt right at home. We love the change of seasons, the rivers the mountains and the beauty of New England, but mostly the friends and family here makes this the best place in the world for us!

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

We firmly believe the human body is an incredible self-healing machine and as chiropractors, we remove nervous inferences enabling the body to heal itself. Every day our goal is to provide each and every patient that comes into our office the best care possible, varying the technique used to fit the unique needs of each patient. We educate our patients about chiropractic, their condition and if and how chiropractic care can benefit them. Once our patients have that education THEY choose their path of care be it correction or relief care. With the education, most if not all choose corrective care. We also offer home exercise training and nutritional guidance. We work with a wonderful network of medical doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapist, naturopaths, and therapists. So that if need be, we can guide our patients in a direction that can help them achieve ultimate health.

Our Mission at Community and Franklin Chiropractic

Our mission for our community is to educate as many people as we can about how the nervous system interference prohibits you from attaining your full health potential and how chiropractic care can remove this interference, allowing your brain to communicate efficiently with every cell in your body, allowing you to achieve your full health potential, relieving headaches, neck and back pain, improving immune system function, and speeding up your healing ability.

The best type of patient is the one that is eager to be educated about the incredible healing ability of their body and how chiropractic care assists in helping our patients achieve their full healing potential.

How long will it take?

The most frequent question asked is “how long will it take?” My answer is, “Your symptoms should lessen if not completely be alleviated within a two week period or less. To correct the cause of your problem, correcting your spinal structure and the surrounding tissues so this problem does not return can take additional weeks, and the amount of time needed for correction depends upon the chronicity of your problem.

If I had a magic wand when it comes to the health of my community…

I would wish that everyone would participate in preventative care, and be an educated health care consumer, with the knowledge that taking medication to cover up the symptoms does not mean the cause of the problem has been corrected.

Please contact our Northampton practice or contact our Greenfield practice to make an appointment.