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Your First Visit to Our Northampton Practice

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You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Every new patient is expected and greeted by name as they enter our office.

The chiropractic assistant comes out from behind the desk, greeting our new patient, bringing the appropriate paperwork , clipboard and pen and as they sit next to the patient and gives the patient a brief explanation of each form prior to having them fill the forms out. We advise our patients to feel free to ask any questions if need be.

Consultation with the doctor

Once the paperwork is returned to the assistant, the pt. is then escorted into out comfortable consultation room where they are informed about a short 4 min video which will give them some information about chiropractic and what they can expect to happen today. Once the video is complete, the Dr. shakes hands, greets the patient by name and reviews a brief explanation about chiropractic and begins the health history, answering any questions the patient may have.

Chiropractic Examination and Care

The Dr. then escorts the patient to the exam room. The patient changes into a gown in private, the Dr. returns and performs a thorough chiropractic exam, explaining findings and positive tests as they are performed. If found that chiropractic can help them, and if x-rays are not needed a description of the type of adjustment and technique used will be described to the patient, and an adjustment is administered.

If deemed necessary, a 10 -15 min. intersegmental therapy along with moist heat follows.

A follow-up phone call is given later that evening to check on how the patient is responding, to answer any questions, and to make sure the patient is following the proper protocol.

What should a new patient expect?

The patient will spend approximately one hour with us. They will feel very important, valued, welcomed and respected in our practice. They should be prepared to discuss any of their health concerns, and should bring their insurance card along with them, should they have insurance, any previous medical documents, x-rays and MRI’s would be helpful.

Take a look to see what you can expect during your second visit.